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Why You Should Have Your Home Professionally Cleaned Before Selling
What Constitutes a Residential Plumbing Emergency?
Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time, but what exactly constitutes a plumbing emergency? Learn more about plumbing emergencies and when to call the pros!
Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer?
Summer is coming, which means it’s time to turn on the AC. Before you do, make sure you follow these steps to get your air conditioning ready for summer.
How Often Should I Have My Office Professionally Cleaned?
How often should I have my office professionally cleaned? Learn about the different factors to consider when scheduling routine commercial office cleaning.
Why Is My Garbage Disposal Leaking?
Is your garbage disposal leaking? It’s all about where the leak is coming from. Read on to find out what might be causing the leak.
What Does Furnace Maintenance Involve?
Schedule routine furnace maintenance before the cold sets in. Learn about the process of furnace maintenance and repair, plus take advantage of special offers.
How Often Should I Clean My Dryer Vent?
An all too often forgotten line item on people’s to-do lists is: “Clean the Dryer Vent.” It’s good practice to wipe out the lint trap after each use, but, unfortunately, this isn’t enough.
Top Advantages of Air Duct Cleaning
The air ducts in your home circulate the airflow from your heating and cooling system to each room of your house, ensuring your space is comfortable. Air duct cleaning involves vacuuming dust and debris out of the duct system.
Why Fall Is the Best Time of Year for Professional Drain Cleaning
The Heat Is On...or Is It?: Top Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Heat Pump
How to Keep Your Workspace Sanitary During the Coronavirus Outbreak
Whether you work in a small office with just a handful of coworkers or you have an open-floor office space with hundreds of employees, it’s hard to ignore the elephant in the room — the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.
How Commercial Cleaning Service Can Set Your Business Up for Success After Quarantine
It won’t be long before businesses throughout the country start opening up again after long coronavirus closures. After quarantine, people are eager to get out and start enjoying shops, restaurants, theaters, and other businesses once again.
The Toilet’s Clogged — What Should You Do?
The team at Cornerstone Services is excited to offer plumbing repair, maintenance, and repair throughout New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts! As such, we are here to discuss one of the most common issues homeowners face — a clogged toilet.
Why Is My Water Heater Making Noise?
So long as hot showers and faucets flow, most people don’t think about their water heaters. However, that changes quickly when things go wrong — and cold. However, paying attention to some tell-tale signs of issues can help you recognize when you need professional water heater repair service.
Why You Should Install a Smart Thermostat This Winter
As the cold season sets in, you will probably want to throw on a warm sweater and turn on the heat to keep your space comfortable. However, you will also need to think about convenience and energy efficiency when running your heater.
Why Are My Drains Clogged — and What Can I Do About It?
You likely give very little thought to your home’s plumbing system and drains until they’re not working as they should. Small clogs festering in your pipes can build up over time.
Signs That Your Air Ducts Are Due For Cleaning
The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends that you clean your air ducts at least once every three years. However, depending on usage and geographical location, some air ducts tend to get dirty quickly than others and may need frequent cleaning.
How Often Do Home Pipes Need to Be Replaced?
Let’s start at the beginning. All pipes have a finite lifespan. Water supply pipes in the home tend to be made from a few different materials, including copper, brass, galvanized steel, and lead.
Will Air Duct Cleaning Help With Allergies?
If your home were a person, its air ducts would be the lungs that help it breathe every day. Over 50 million Americans experience a wide range of allergies every allergy season.
Why Is My Air Conditioner Short Cycling?
On the hottest days of the year, the last thing you need is your AC unit cycling on and off. Short cycling is when your unit decides to shut down its cooling cycle untimely.
What Is a Water Heater Anode Rod, and How Can You Tell If It’s Gone Bad?
Have you found that your water is giving off a strong rusty or rotten egg smell? Even if your water appears fine, this is a telltale sign that you have a bad water heater anode rod.
Should I Get New Ceiling Fans This Summer?
very homeowner has their own way of dealing with the summer heat and humidity. Air conditioners are an excellent climate control tool that can keep you comfortable, but it’s no secret that they use a lot of energy and can increase your power bill.
Why Is My Water Heater Leaking From the Bottom?
Is that pool of water beneath your water heater normal? No, it is not. If you notice there’s water around your hot water tank, this could just be the beginning of other issues.

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